Squirrel Feces in Your Attic: How to Identify and Cleanup Squirrel Droppings

Different types of critters can end up living in your attic. Some of the more common types of animals that can end up in your attic in Southern California, or elsewhere around the country, include:

An early step in determining what type of animal is living in your attic is examining feces. For example, squirrel feces have a certain appearance. Moreover, there is a certain process that should be followed when it comes to the cleanup up squirrel droppings in the attic.

Basic Facts About Squirrel Feces

Squirrel droppings appear like oblong pellets. They tend to be about 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch in length. Fresh squirrel feces are dark brown in color. These feces do become somewhat lighter as they age and dry out. Squirrel droppings are slightly larger than rat feces. They are quite significantly larger than mouse droppings.

In addition to understanding what squirrel feces look like, you also need to have a basic understanding of the types of germs and diseases that can be transmitted via contact with squirrel droppings. The two most common types of germs that can be found in squirrel feces are Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis.

In addition to these germs, certain insects might be found near or around squirrel feces. Squirrels themselves may carry fleas and ticks. The harmful insects can pass to humans and pets. These two types of insects can infect humans, making them ill.

Residents of a home where squirrel droppings in the attic need to be removed should not enter into that space without proper personal protective gear. What this equipment encompasses is discussed in a moment. 

Eliminating Squirrels From Your Attic

You are likely wise to hire a professional to remove squirrels from your attic. There are humane, no-kill removal services available to you that can assist with this task. Moreover, a professional squirrel elimination service understands the applicable laws, rules, and regulations governing the humane removal of squirrels from your attic.

What You Need to Know About Squirrel Dropping Cleanup

There are some facts and factors that you need to have a keen understanding of when it comes to squirrel dropping cleanup in your attic. As mentioned a moment ago, there are germs and insects that have the ability to make you sick if you come into contact with squirrel droppings. Thus, the first thing you need to bear in mind when it comes to squirrel dropping cleanup is safety. Safety is an absolute first when it comes to squirrel dropping cleanup in your attic.

Because of the nature of germs that can be harbored in squirrel droppings, you or anyone else involved in squirrel dropping cleanup need to wear what technically is known as personal protective equipment. The basic elements of the personal protective equipment that needs to be worn when involved in squirrel dropping cleanup are:

  • Respirator or HEPA mask
  • Durable gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • Biohazard-rated uniform

The cleaning of squirrel droppings is a multifaceted process. The procedure begins with purchasing or preparing an appropriate sanitization solution. There are products available on the market for this purpose. They can be purchased at home improvement centers like Home Depot.

In addition, a sanitization solution can be made fairly easily as well. Such an effective sanitization solution can be made with 1-part chlorine bleach to 9-parts water.

Once a person is wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, the squirrel droppings should be saturated using the sanitization agent described a moment ago. The squirrel feces should be allowed to soak in the sanitization solution for about 20 minutes.

At that time, the squirrel droppings can be physically removed. They should be placed in a sturdy, thick plastic bag. In many communities, these feces can be placed into the standard garbage stream. Some communities do have stricter regulations about how droppings of this nature in larger quantities can be disposed of once collected. If you’re undertaking squirrel dropping cleanup in your attic on your own, you will want to confirm what you can and cannot do I the way of disposing of these feces.

The next step in the process is to apply the sanitization solution again. You spray the solution on the contaminated areas. The solution can be left on and allowed to dry.

Because of the nature of squirrel dropping cleanup, you may want to give serious consideration to engaging the services of a professional. A squirrel droppings cleanup company can ensure that these feces and other waste associated with squirrels living in your attic are safely and thoroughly eliminated.

A reputable squirrel droppings cleanup company will provide a reliable estimate before work commences. Such a company also provides a client with the ability to inspect the squirrel droppings cleanup services provided in advance of making payment.