Keeping an Office a Rodent Free Zone

Mouse problems are not limited to residential properties. The reality is that offices and other types of workplaces can face the prospect of a rodent infestation. Understanding that this possibility exists, there are some important proactive strategies that you will seriously want to consider implementing to keep your office (or other workplaces) a rodent-free zone.

Monitor the Breakroom

One key tactic that you need to employ to prevent a rodent infestation in your office is to avoid leaving food and packages containing food items out in the open. When not eating, food items should be kept in a well-sealed container and stowed away in a secure cupboard or other appropriate location. If your office has a breakroom, this is one area you will want to monitor. You want to make sure food is not left lying about. You will also want to be certain that the breakroom is cleaned on a daily basis. In addition, you should establish some sort of protocol for employees as to what and how they maintain snacks in their desks or at their workstations.

Trim Exterior Vegetation

Shrubs, bushes, and other vegetation can spruce up the look of your office. However, you need to take care that you keep greenery well-trimmed and away from being directly against the building itself. An ideal strategy to keep rodents out of your office is to install gravel strip around the perimeter of the building, extending out about 36 inches. Rodents do not like being in a totally exposed space and will be far less likely to try and travel across the gravel pathway to gain access to an office building or any structure.

Eliminate Moisture and Standing Water

In addition to entering structures for food and shelters, water represents another attractive for rodents. Another important step in protecting against rodents taking up residence in an office is eliminating moisture and standing water from around and in an office building or other commercial structure. This includes dealing with leaky HVAC systems and anything else that results in even a rather small amount of pooling water.

Seal Unnecessary Holes in Building

Another important step you need to take to turn your office into a rodent-free zone is to seal any unnecessary holes in the exterior of the structure. You will also want to seal cracks as well because rodents are adept at entering even through relatively small cracks. You do not want to plug holes if you have an existing rodent problem in your office. By plugging holes you run the risk of trapping rodents in the walls. If that happens, they will eventually die in the walls, creating a whole different set of problems for you. The plugging of holes can occur appropriately at a juncture in time when you are certain that you have a rodent-free building.

Keep the Premises Clean

Maintaining the cleanest possible office is also fundamental to keeping rodents from settling in your workspace. This includes ensuring that the premises are fully cleaned on a regular basis. Another important issue involves trash. You need to make sure that trash is not permitted to accumulate in an office. Garbage needs to be taken out of an office regularly in an appropriately sealed receptacle. You need to make certain garbage cans or dumpsters outside a building are kept sealed. In addition, you are well served to keep garbage cans or dumpsters away from the office building itself. Doing so eliminates one other space that can prove appealing to rodents of different types.

Use Non-Toxic Repellant Around the Building Exterior

There are nontoxic repellants that you will want to consider using around the perimeter of your building. Your local country extension office can provide you information about nontoxic repellants that work most effectively with the specific types of rodents that are known to be present in your area. You need to keep in mind that there is a pretty large spectrum of different types of rats and mice. These different derivations of rodents do not all respond the same to natural repellants.

Professional Assistance

While plenty of over-the-counter products exist on the market that is designed to eliminate rodents, they work with varying degrees of effectiveness. The reality is that your best bet of eliminating rodents from your office if you face an infestation is to seek professional assistance.

In addition to professionally eradicating a rodent infestation, you will also want to consider engaging the professional services of a skilled, experienced rodent droppings cleanup specialist. You must bear in mind that rodent droppings can contain dangerous biohazards that can be significantly harmful to your health. Hiring these two types of professionals ensures that an infestation problem in your office is addressed and the premises are returned to a safe, fully usable condition.