What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Mice?

If you have discovered a mouse infestation at your home or business, you don’t want to dilly-dally in eliminating the problem. You truly want to know the techniques that you can employ to get rid of mice the fastest way possible.

Set up Mouse Traps

There are a number of different types of mouse traps available on the market today. Properly setting up mouse traps in your home is an aggressive and typically fast way to get rid of mice. There are a number of points you need to bear in mind when it comes to setting up mouse traps in your home or place of business.

First, willy-nilly placement will serve no purpose. Randomly setting up mouse traps here and there will prove ineffective. The surest course is to set up traps in areas you know mice have been nesting, eating, or traveling. You can identify these zones by keeping an eye out for mice droppings.

Second, make sure you bait a mouse trap that requires baiting with a proper, attractive item. Many people content that a mouse trap should be baited with cheese. However, time and again, mice will slip the cheese free from the trap and suffer no consequence for doing so. Peanut butter consistently proves to be an effective type of bait for a mouse trap.

Get a Cat

In the grand scheme of things, nothing communicates that mice are not welcome in your home or business more than the presence of a cat. A cat who is a mouse can clear out even a fairly extensive mouse population in very little time.

Even if a cat is not a mouse, a feline’s presence will cause mice to “reconsider” where they are nesting. In addition, the presence of a cat will keep additional mice from migrating into the premises.

Do bear in mind that not all cats are mousers. This is something that they need to learn from their mothers. If a cat is the offspring of an indoor mother, odds are that the feline will not be much of a mouse because the mother had no need to train a kitten in that manner.

Eliminate Food Sources

Eliminate food sources is a way to quickly get mice out of your home. You may maintain a tidy home but not realize there remain food sources that mice can access things to eat in your home. Make sure that you keep all the food in your home tightly sealed. This means utilizing glass and metal storage containers that mice cannot penetrate. Many food items come in boxes, contained that provide no defense to mice. Mice are incredible climbers. Merely keeping food higher up is not going to prevent mice from gaining access.

Always keep your garbage in a trashcan with a tight lid. Again, eliminating access to food – even in the trashcan – will make your home or business less attractive to mice.

There certainly are trashcans that are far more convenient and easier to access. Keep in mind, that if your trashcan is easy for you to access, the same holds true for mice.

Seal off All Entry Points

When you discover mice in your residence, or at your business, an important strategy is to block entry points (exit points) into your home. Keep in mind that a mouse can enter through a hole the size of a dime. 

The process of sealing off entry points begins by blocking those insides. This prevents mice from entering into the main part of a residence. Leaving the exterior entry points open provides a means for mice to exist. Ultimately, those entry points will need to be blocked as well.

Take care in the materials you use to seal passageways into and out of your home. Mice chew many different materials. There apt to try an attack a point they knew they could move in and out previously. This strategy not only aids in getting mice out of your home or business quickly but also is a proactive approach to keep additional mice out of the premises.

Consult a Professional

If you have experienced a persistent problem with mice, you may be at a juncture at which the best course for you to take is to consult a professional, to hire an exterminator. With more significant mice problem at your home or business, a professional exterminator really may prove to be not only the best but the only, option available to you.

As an aside, if you’ve been left with a real issue with mice droppings, you might also want to consider a mouse droppings cleanup professional to assist with that issue as well. A mouse droppings cleanup specialist can ensure that this type of issue is fully and safely addressed at your home business.