What Are the Costs of Attic Rodent Droppings Cleaning?

A truly frustrating and potentially hazardous experience is rodent infestation that includes your attic. The reality is that mice and rats are capable of causing significant damage to your home, including your attic. In addition, rodents and their droppings can present a threat to the health and wellbeing of you and your family. If you’ve experienced a rodent infestation in your home that included your attic, you may be researching what you can do in the way of hiring a rodent droppings cleaning company. As part of that due diligence, you may wonder about the costs associated with professional rodent dropping cleaning.

The Costs of Rodent Dropping Cleaning at Eco Bear

Eco Bear is a professional biohazard remediation company that provides rodent dropping cleaning services. Before undertaking a cleaning job, the experts at Eco Bear provide a reliable estimate of the costs associated with a particular biohazard remediation job, including rodent droppings cleanup.

At Eco Bear, we are committed to honest, straightforward billing practices. There are never any hidden charges when it comes to attic cleanup or any services we provide. If you elect to do some shopping around, you will discover that Eco Bear offers highly reasonable fees when contrasted with our competition.

When it comes to attic rodent droppings cleaning, our company charges a rate of $250 per hour. This covers all aspects of a truly comprehensive cleaning process.

Comprehensive Attic Rodent Cleaning Services

Eco Bear provides comprehensive attic rodent droppings cleanup services for homeowners and business located throughout Southern California. Our rodent droppings cleanup services include:

  • Cleaning and removal of rodent droppings
  • Disinfecting contaminated area
  • Deodorization
  • Removal of ruined insulation

When it comes to the cleaning and removal of rodent-related waste, we eliminate everything from droppings to nests to carcasses that may have been left behind in the eradication process.

The reality is that rodent droppings can carry harmful viruses and bacteria. These can include pathogens that are capable of causing what can prove to be serious disease. Thus, as part of the attic rodent droppings cleaning process we disinfect the contaminate areas. We utilize powerful disinfecting agents to ensure that potentially harmful viruses and bacteria no longer provide a threat to people that reside in a home or patronize a business.

Another reality about a rodent infestation is that it can result in the presence of a persistent foul odor in an attic or elsewhere in the premises of a home or business. As a consequence, Eco Bear provides deodorization of the attic and other parts of a residence as necessary to eliminate any odor issues.

Finally, when it comes to attic rodent droppings cleanup, Eco Bear will also remove any insulation that has been damaged or destroyed as part of a rodent infestation at your home or business.

Multiple Payment Options

A customer of Eco Bear has a number of payment options available. These include cash, check, debit or credit card, or PayPal. In addition, if a customer’s homeowner or business insurance covers a remediation or cleanup project, Eco Bear accepts insurance payments. In addition, the team at Eco Bear assists in submitting a claim to an insurance company.

Why Selecting an Experienced Attic Rodent Dropping Cleanup Professional is Important

There are a number of reasons why selecting an experienced attic rodent droppings cleanup professional is an important course to take. First and foremost, a professional rodent dropping cleanup company has the experience, resources, and equipment necessary to thoroughly and safely remediate the aftermath of a rodent issue in your home or business.

As discussed a moment ago, the reality is that rodent droppings in your attic can present a health risk. Mice and rat feces can contain what are medically known as dangerous pathogens. These include bacteria and viruses capable of causing serious and even fatal diseases in human beings.

Examples of harmful pathogens that can be present in rodent droppings include salmonella as well as hantavirus. Historically, salmonella left people sick for a period of time, commonly a few days to a week in most cases. More recently, a drug-resistant strain of salmonella has been identified in the United States. The mortality rate associated with this strain of salmonella is higher as a result of the fact that the bacteria is resistant to antibiotics commonly used to treat this type of infection.

Hantavirus is a less common pathogen, but overall more dangerous. Hantavirus has the capacity of causing an illness in humans known as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. 33 percent of people who end up with hantavirus pulmonary syndrome die. There is not specific treatment or cure for the syndrome; people who do recover are said to do so spontaneously.

Safely addressing the inherent health risks associated with mice and rat feces truly underscores the importance of reaching out to an experienced professional when you require attic rodent dropping cleaning.