How Much Does It Cost to Clean up Rodent Droppings?

As will be discussed in a bit more detail shortly, rodent feces can harbor dangerous pathogens that can result in serious and even fatal diseases. For this reason, if you discover that you’ve some type of rodent feces at your residence, you will need to exercise extreme caution when it comes to the matter of getting rid of rat, mouse, or other types of rodent droppings. Indeed, the best course you can take to clean up rodent feces is to hire a professional to undertake the task. As you contemplate the need for professional rodent feces cleanup, you may have questions about the costs associated with getting rid of rodent droppings.

Overview of Diseases Potentially Spread by Rodent Feces

Before we dive specifically into a discussion of the costs associated with rodent feces cleanup, an overview of diseases that potentially can be spread via rodent droppings is necessary. When it comes to pathogens potentially spread through rodent feces, the most dangerous in the United States is what is known as hantavirus.

According to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, hantavirus is what is known as an RNA virus. Infection with the hantavirus can result in a dangerous medical condition known as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. As hantavirus pulmonary syndrome progresses, it can result in a person’s lungs filling with fluid. In some instances, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome can result not only in serious illness but death.

The risk of contamination by the hantavirus underscores the need to seek professional assistance when it comes to rodent feces cleanup. Not only can the hantavirus be spread by direct contact with rodent droppings, but it can also be spread through the air.

When rodent feces dry out, they tend to crumble easily. When rodent droppings are in such a state, the easily crumble, releasing feces dust into the air which can contain the hantavirus. If the rodent feces dust is inhaled, a person can become infected with the hantavirus. Only by utilizing proper personal protective equipment, supplies, and tools can rodent feces be safely cleaned up.

Other diseases that potentially can be spread through rodent feces include salmonella. Normally salmonella is spread to humans when rodent feces (or urine) ends up in food items. Salmonella can result in an unpleasant illness but is not normally fatal.

Costs of Professional Rodent Feces Cleanup

There can be a fairly significant disparity between fees charged by different professional rodent feces cleanup specialists. Eco Bear is a leading provider of biohazard remediation services in Southern California, including rodent feces. The company has garnered a reputation of providing thorough rodent cleanup services safely and affordable. We charge $250 per hour, per person for rodent feces cleanup.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a rodent infestation in your residence, your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover some or all the costs associated with eradicating the droppings. The team at Eco Bear is skilled at assisting homeowners in making claims for compensation associated with different types of biohazard remediation, including rat droppings cleanup.

When it comes to the costs associated with rodent feces cleanup, you will want to use the services of a company that provides guaranteed pricing upfront. You do not want to engage a remediation professional that is vague when it comes to the costs associated with rodent droppings cleanup.

Price Is Only One Consideration When Selecting a Rodent Droppings Cleanup Service

When seeking a rodent feces cleanup service you need to consider some other factors beyond the costs of that professional assistance. You need to consider other factors, including:

  • Experience of rodent cleanup service provider
  • Personal protective equipment and other gear used to safely clean up rodent droppings
  • Products and chemicals used to clean up and sanitize areas contaminated with rodent feces