Fighting the Flu: Taking a Proactive Approach with Professional Flu Cleanup

Many, many people minimize the flu. A significant percentage of the population never considers getting a flu shot, even people in cohorts for which the medication is recommended for specific health reasons. The reality is that the flu can be a very serious illness, particularly for people with other preexisting health conditions like heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, cancer, and other conditions. Moreover, young children and older adults (defined as people over 55 in the case of influenza) are particularly susceptible to aggravated symptoms associated with the flu. The seriousness of the flu warrants consideration of professional flu cleanup in a residence in which an influenza outbreak occurred. 

Flu Isn’t Just One Thing

A considerable segment of the population is understandably not fully aware that flu isn’t just one thing. There are different types of flu viruses that have the potential for causing serious illness each season. Moreover, each type of flu virus has the ability to mutate and change – and do so quickly.

Because of the different types of flu, and the fact that the viruses can change and mutate with “no notice,” even flu shots are speculative. In other words, when influenza shots are formulated for flu season, there is something of a guessing game involved. 

The most common types of flu found in the United States include:

  • Influenza A
  • Influenza B
  • Influenza C
  • H1N1 (Swine Flu)
  • H3N3 (also Swine Flu)
  • Stomach Flu

Although flu shots are something of a hit and miss endeavor, there are flu cleanup and disinfection procedures that kill all types of flu viruses in order to proactively prevent people from becoming infected by the virus. While people should obtain a flu shot when advised to do so, there is another course of action that needs to be considered when it comes to fully protecting against the flu.

Cleaning a House After a Flu Outbreak Isn’t Enough

If a resident of a particular household contracts the flu, or if someone else with the flu spends time in a home, an immediate inclination may be to cleanup in the aftermath of such a situation. Whilst that is an understandable reaction to addressing the aftermath of someone in a home diagnosed with the flu, that tactic alone is not enough.

When a person infected with the flu is in a residence, there may be millions of flu viral particles in the home’s environment. While cleaning will nibble away at a very small number of viral particles, this type of process doesn’t kill flu viruses. Something much more needs to be done to restore a home to a safe and healthy condition after a person in a home is diagnosed with the flu.

Comprehensive Flu Cleanup with Professional Disinfection

Comprehensive flu cleanup with professional disinfection needs to be considered seriously when certain individuals call a particular residence home. If an older person, a younger child, or an individual with one or another of the diseases and illnesses enumerated previously, live in a home, professional flu cleanup and disinfection must be considered seriously. The failure to obtain professional remediation of the flu virus is crucial in order to protect the health and wellbeing of these people.

Yes, there is a cost to professional flu cleanup and disinfection. However, the risks of jeopardizing the health of individuals in a residence far, far outweighs the one-time cost of obtaining effective, thorough flu cleanup and disinfection.

Benefits of Comprehensive Flu Cleanup with Professional Disinfection

There are a number of key benefits associated with comprehensive professional flu cleanup and disinfection. As is being discussed, the heart of these benefits is the creation of a germ-free and healthy environment.

Another significant benefit of professional, comprehensive flu cleanup and disinfection is that 100 percent of surface areas are addressed. With professional remediation, all nooks and crannies in a home are disinfected to kill the flu virus. Indeed, research reveals that 99.99 percent of viral particles are killed in the process. When the virus is extinguished to this level, it no longer presents a risk to anyone.

An important outcome of professional flu cleanup and disinfection is that cross-contamination is eliminated. The flu virus no longer spreads in a home.

Medical grade disinfection products are used when a professional is called in to deal with the flu virus. In addition, the products used are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and are considered safe for use among humans and pets.

Finally, a professional flu cleanup and disinfection company not only eliminates a current threat, this type of specialist provides other protections as well. Specifically, a professional utilizes products that have the capacity to create an antimicrobial coating on surfaces in a home. This antimicrobial coating lasts for up to 90 days. In other words, this coating provides a protective shield in a home that can last for the remainder of the flu season.