One of the challenges you face in the aftermath of organizing a deceased person’s usable property after death is trying to figure out what to do with it. You may want or be able to use some of the items you discover in the process of cleaning up after a person’s resident after he or she passes on. However, if you at like most people in this position, you may find yourself with a great amount of property on your hands that you cannot use and that you cannot readily figure out what to do within the aftermath of cleaning up an estate.

In addition, if you have assisted an individual who has hoarded property, you face a similar dilemma. Although some elements of what was hoarded were likely disposed of via the garbage or recycling, you very well may have ended up with an assortment of usable items, including household wares and clothing, that you can’t use and don’t quite know how to get rid of it appropriately.

With these situations and similar circumstances in mind, there are resources in the greater Los Angeles area that you can take advantage of when you have items you need to dispose of properly. These resources are readily accessible and make donating items to them as easy as possible.

Donation Town

Los Angeles has a unique organization that serves as a major clearinghouse for people like you who are interested in donating items to charity. Donation Town has a large list of participating nonprofit organizations. You can select an agency you are interested in supporting through a donation of items and Donation Town does all the rest.

At this juncture in time, there literally are hundreds of charities in Los Angeles that are part of the Donation Town program. Odds are fairly high that you would be likely to find a type of organization you would like to support on the list of participating organizations.

Donation Town is reached online. You do everything from select a charity and arrange a free pick up of items you want to donate directly from the Donation Town website. In addition, if you desire a tax receipt for your donation, you can make arrangements for that at the website as well.

As an aside, unlike many charities that collect donated items, you do not need to work around an organization’s regular collection schedule. Donation Town arranged a pick up that is convenient for you.

Donation Town can be reached at

Shopping for Inmates

When a person has done his or her time in jail or prison, they return to the proverbial real world and desire to get on with their lives. Many formerly incarcerated individuals do want to turn over a new life and lead productive lives.

Getting a job is the key to getting on a productive pathway. Getting a solid job depends, at least to some degree, to have the right attire.

One organization in which you can consider donating clothing collected via an estate or hoarding cleanup project is Shopping for Inmates. The organization provides a broad selection of donated clothing items to people who have recently been released back into the community after serving a term of incarceration.

Shopping For Inmates
7778 South Central Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90001
(323) 589-3406
The organization currently does not have a website listed.

Los Angeles Paper Recycling

In cleaning up an estate, or a hoarding situation, you are likely to have ended up with a tremendous amount of newspapers and magazines. Oftentimes, people end up with what can be a significant amount in the way of newspapers and magazines when they hoard items. This type of collection even happens in the absence of hoarding when some people go about their daily lives. They have a tendency to hold onto magazines and even newspapers.

If you are environmentally conscious, you may well want to do more than simply dump these newspapers and magazines into the trash. With that in mind, Los Angeles has developed a ubiquitous resource that can connect with you any number of different types of recycling services. The organization can put you in contact with a recycling service near to your location. The organization can also assist you in finding a recycling program that will pick up newspapers and magazines from the location at which these materials currently being stored.

Los Angeles Paper Recycling can be reached directly online at

Amazon Give Back Box®

One of the easiest courses you can take to get rid of unwanted items, including items amassed in a cleanup related to a hoard or estate, is the Amazon Give Back Box®. According to Amazon, the purpose of Give Back Box® is to provide you with a truly effortless, convenient method of donating your used household items, including usable items you find while addressing an estate or even a hoarding issue. As an aside, the Give Back Box® is also focused on being green. In other words, the materials used by the Give Back Box® are all recyclable.

Using the Give Back Box® program is simple. You need only go to the Give Back Box® website and the program provides you with everything you need. You pay absolutely nothing to make a donation of household items to the Amazon Give Back Box® program.

You can connect with the Amazon Give Back Box® at

Children’s Hospital – Los Angeles

One of the most tragic events is when a child has a serious health issue. The Children’s Hospital – Los Angeles leads the way when it comes to providing invaluable healthcare to children, including children from families that do not have the financial wherewithal necessary to pay for medical care and treatment.

The Children’s Hospital – Los Angeles maintains an amazing Thrift Store. Through the thrift store, necessary funding is generated for the hospital.

When you find yourself in a situation in which you have household items, clothing, and other property that you would like to donate somewhere, take a close look at the Children’s Hospital Thrift Shop. You can reach the organization at:

Children’s Hospital – Los Angeles
3301 Burbank Boulevard
Burbank, California 91505
(818) 845-6606

Teen Challenge of Southern California

Teen Challenge of Southern California was founded in the early 1960s. The organization was established to assist teenagers through substance abuse recovery and prevention programs. Thus far, the organizations have served over 200,000 teenagers since it opened its doors.

The organization currently runs nine regional facilities throughout Southern California, including in Los Angeles. Teen Challenge of Southern California has seven residential facilities.

The organization is always in need of items of the type that you may have found in your own estate, post-hoarding, or other cleanup efforts. You can contact the organization and make arrangements for a donation of property items at:

Teen Challenge of Southern California
(888) 458-GIVE

LA Kids Consignment

There is a myriad of locations at which you can donate items of different types, including children’s clothing items. In the process of organizing and cleaning up a residence, perhaps because of the death of a loved one or addressing a hoarding issue, you may have discovered some gently used kids clothing. If that is the case, you may have made the decision to try to find a place to sell the items.

One resource you can utilize when it comes to selling kids clothing in good shape is LA Kids Consignment. The organization works like any other consignment service. You get a cut of the revenue when an item of kids clothing sells.

You can make arrangements to engage the services of LA Kids Consignment by contacting the organizations at:

LA Kids Consignment
(818) 693-3183

Earth Angels

When it comes to affordable clothing for children, particularly school clothing, Earth Angels tops the list in the greater Los Angeles area in many ways. The organization also provides an array of other types of family support services and associated resources.

If you have found yourself with clothing that would be appropriate for school children, you may want to look at Earth Angels. Earth Angels allow you both the opportunity to submit clothing for consignment sale as well as donating items outright.

You can contact Earth Angels at:
Earth Angels
10590 W. Pico Blvd.

American Cancer Society

Many people like to donate to organizations that have been supportive of a beloved family member or friend who has passed on. For example, if you have lost a loved one from cancer, you might want to support the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society sponsors what are known as Discovery Shops. Discovery Shops are located across the United States, including in Los Angeles.

If you have household items, clothing, and other items, the Discovery Shop may be a perfect fit for you. You can contact the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop to make a donation via its website at:

American Cancer Society

United Way of Greater Los Angeles

If you are unsure of what type of organization you would like to donate property items to at this time, the United Way of Greater Los Angeles can be an invaluable resource for you. The United Way of Greater Los Angeles can provide you information on a myriad of agencies that the organization supports. This includes organizations that are interested in receiving donations of clothing, household items, and other things. You can make contact with the United Way of Greater Los Angeles through its website at:

United Way of Greater Los Angeles


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