One of the most horrific events that potentially can be encountered in a lifetime is the discovery of the body of a loved one who experienced a traumatic or unattended death. When such a scenario occurs, a person is left not only with the deep emotions associated with the loss of a loved one but also with the virtually unimaginable aftermath of coming upon the remains of a deceased person in this manner.

The grieving process is profoundly impacted by the additional responsibility of restoring the scene where the loved one was discovered to a habitable condition. The stark reality is that addressing the need to clean up, sanitize, and restore an unattended death scene to a habitable condition is a daunting task, even for a specialist trained in this type of work. With this in mind, you need to have a solid appreciation of what situations require the intervention of an experienced, professional biohazard cleaning service.

Specific Situations That Require a Specialty Biohazard Cleanup Service or Biohazard Remediation

There are certain situations that occur in a residence that require a specialty biohazard cleanup service, also known as biohazard remediation. These include:

  • Suicide
  • Homicide
  • Accident
  • Other types of unattended death

In addition to these specific incidents that occur on the home front, there are deaths that occur in other settings that necessitate a specialty biohazard cleaning service. These include:

  • Industrial accidents
  • Communicable disease disinfection
  • Vehicle biohazard removal and remediation
  • Blood cleanup, removal, and remediation

The Physical Dangers of Biohazard Cleanup or Remediation

A primary reason why a biohazard cleaning service is needed following certain types of deaths is because of the biohazardous substances associated with the remains of a person who died under circumstances like those discussed a moment ago.

You must keep in mind that even if a perfectly healthy person dies in a traumatic death, which is not immediately discovered, hazardous biological agents will be present at the location of the deceased’s remains. The stark reality is that the decomposition process commences at the time of death.

The process of decomposition results in the release of potentially dangerous gases and fluids, beginning as quickly as a couple of days following death. You run the risk of becoming seriously ill by exposure to these substances.

The cleanup after a traumatic or unattended death necessitates the use of universal precautions as well as personal protective equipment, or PPE. Most people like you do not maintain the personal protective equipment of the type needed to protect appropriately against the biohazards associated with a traumatic or unattended death. On the other hand, a biohazard cleaning service maintains the protective gear necessary to safely remediate the aftermath of a traumatic or unattended death. Keep in mind that this gear is designed specifically to address biohazard remediation. It is not the same type of gear utilized in home improvement projects or less risky cleanup endeavors. This gear includes specialized equipment that includes:

  • Masks or respirators
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Protective outer-clothing
  • Shoe coverings

The Emotional or Psychological Risks of Biohazard Cleanup or Remediation

In addition to the health risks posed by exposure to biological hazards, there are also emotional and psychological dangers associated with committing yourself personally to cleaning up after the unattended demise of a loved one. As mentioned previously, there really is little else in life that can prove as traumatic as coming upon the mortal remains of a loved one who experienced an unattended or traumatic death. The initial shock alone can have persistent, lasting consequences.

If you face a situation in which you discover the remains of a loved one who experienced a traumatic or unattended death, you best protect your emotional and psychological wellbeing by limiting your exposure to the remains at the scene and to the cleanup tasks following the removal of the body. A person in the position of discovering the remains of a loved one can end up experiencing more than the level of grief associated with the passing of a family member or friend if caution is not exercised. An individual in this situation runs the risk of experiencing:

When a loved one dies suddenly, traumatically, or in an unattended manner, you can begin a healthy grieving process by engaging the assistance of biohazard cleaning service. You can focus your attention on mourning the loss and celebrating the life of the loved one who has passed on under truly unfortunate circumstances.


Emily Kil

Co-Owner of Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company

Together with her husband, Emily Kil is co-owner of Eco Bear, a leading biohazard remediation company in Southern California. An experienced entrepreneur, Emily assisted in founding Eco Bear as a means of combining her business experience with her desire to provide assistance to people facing challenging circumstances. Emily regularly writes about her first-hand experiences providing services like biohazard cleanup, suicide cleanup, crime scene cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and other types of difficult remediations in homes and businesses.