One of the most alarming catastrophes that can happen in a home or business is sewage contamination of the property. In point of fact, the mere thought of your home is contaminated to some degree by raw sewage is tough to even comprehend. The reality is that this type of issue does arise in the LA area with relative frequency. As a consequence, you need to be properly versed on what is involved in sewage clean up Los Angeles process

Common Scenarios Involving Sewage Cleanup

There are two common scenarios requiring sewage cleanup in Los Angeles. First, Los Angeles sewage cleanup can be required after a breakdown of the sewage system in a home or business. Second, if a residence or business is involved in a flood caused by a weather event, the potential for a residence being contaminated by raw sewage exists.

Disease and Sewage Backup

In addition to being generally revolting, raw sewage that has backed up into your home for one reason or another can carry with it harmful pathogens. These dangerous pathogens have the potential for causing serious illness. Examples of the types of organisms of pathogens that can be found in raw sewage include:

  • Campylobacter
  • Enteroviruses
  • Pinworms
  • Giardia
  • Salmonella
  • Cryptosporidium
  • E. Coli
  • Hepatitis A
  • Rotavirus
  • Shigella

There are two primary means through which you potentially run a risk of contracting an illness via sewage. First, the disease can be spread via direct contact to fecal matter. Second, it can be spread via contact with an item that previously was touched by fecal matter.

These types of diseases are transmitted orally. For example, you might consume something that was contaminated with fecal matter. In the alternative, you might touch an item that was contaminated by fecal matter and the touch your face, a process which can result in infection by one or another of these organisms.

The Process of Los Angeles Sewage Cleanup

A discussion has already been had about the potential dangers of exposure to raw sewage. The health risks associated with such exposure represent one of the key reasons why you should seek professional sewage clean up Los Angeles assistance if you face this type of situation.

The process of sewage cleanup at home or business is a complicated process. All steps of the sewage remediation process must be undertaken properly in order to restore a home to a livable condition or a business to a usable one. Nothing less than thorough, comprehensive remediation is acceptable.

No matter how skillful you may be, odds are that you simply do not have the background, equipment, or materials to fully address a sewage cleanup. Despite your best intentions in undertaking sewage cleanup on your own, one of two things is likely to happen. First, you may start the process, become understandably frustrated, and be left in the position of seeking professional Los Angeles sewage clean up assistance. Second, you may actually be able to marshal through your version of the sewage cleanup process. Despite moving from start to finish, the manner in which you undertake sewage cleanup may not meet the level necessary to fully eliminate fecal material and other waste. Equally significant, your cleanup efforts may not have eradicated the various harmful pathogens found in feces. In other words, you may end up failing to fully restore your home to a livable condition or your business to a fully usable status.

Professional Los Angeles Sewage Cleanup

The first step in retaining a sewage clean up Los Angeles specialist is to obtain a guaranteed quote on the cost for services from an experienced, reliable company like Eco Bear. Keep in mind that not all companies are willing to be able to guarantee the fee they quote for sewage cleanup. Indeed, many companies in the greater Los Angeles area provide vague estimates, leaving home and business owners with surprisingly high bills following a sewage cleanup.

Skilled, tenacious sewage clean up Los Angeles professional strives to remediate and restore as much of a home or business owner’s property as possible. The stark reality of sewage backup and related situations is that not only the structure of a home or business but also personal possessions in the premises that must be addressed, and salvaged when at all possible.

A Los Angeles sewage cleanup specialist like Eco Bear takes a multifaceted approach to remediation. I addition to removing raw sewage and other contaminants from the premises, all aspects of an impacted area are sanitized. This ensures the elimination of harmful pathogens carried in feces and other types of biological materials.

The sewage cleanup process also focuses on deodorization. You undoubtedly understand that the presence of sewage in a home or business can result in severe odor issues, even if you’ve yet to personally experience this type of situation.

As was noted, full restoration is the goal of sewage clean up, Los Angeles. The ultimate objective is to complete such a thorough sewage cleanup that any memory of the situation is fully eradicated.


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